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"KORONA" is a family company with tradition created since 1983.. . 1983 Thanks to long experience today we offer the high quality of our products, that is appreciated by our Clients.. From the beginning, our products were created with passion, therefore we attach great importance to every pair, that leaves our company.

Our products are mostly intended for children. we offer a wide range of colors and patterns that will make your child smiling and feel wonderfull.. Every parent will appreciate the durability.

As first of all we care about the quality, our offer is designed for salers specialised products intended for children and for parrent, being aware of high quality meaning., ..

If you have any comments, observations, suggestions about our products, encourage you to share it with us via e-mail:

95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki,
Street. Piaskowa 24
tel./fax 042 712 22 42,
Mobile phone. 604 210 729

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Phone: 604 210 729

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