Company "Korona" specializes in producing high quality tights and knitwear. We produce pantyhose, leggings, children's socks and stockings, and for women also. We are a family company established in 1980.

We offer products crafted in every detail. Our products are very soft and durable, available in a wide range of colors and dpatterns.

For Wholesalers and Shops we provide advertising materials.
On our site you can also find out in which retail shops our products are available..

The "KORONA" mans really good tights for your child !

dla dzieci rajstopki

For Children

Tights, Leggings, Knee, Socks … for your child!

tęcza kolorów

lots of colors

You can choose from a true rainbow of colors!

bogate wzornictwo

and wide range of patterns

And the whole mass of attractive designs …

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Phone: 604 210 729

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